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Our Voyage

Cameron, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. 

I suffered from anxiety a few years ago, it was really affecting my life and those who were in my life. My mother who has always been big into tea, gave me my first real cup of tea. I saw that it helped me to relax, think a bit more clearly, and I found peace of mind. I started investing my time and money into finding some good quality tea. I learned from various people with origins around the world about tea in their culture. The more I researched tea the more tea leaves I found with different properties and additional affects. This new-found love for quality tea lead me right into creating new blends. Life in Tea Blends

I began with introducing my tea blends at farmers markets. The locals thought it to be refreshing that tea was now an option for them. We now frequent festivals and host small tea gatherings. We are creating a new concept in Miami, a culture of Tea in this coffee town. There was an understanding that there is a need for quality tea. This city has been starving for it, Life in Tea intends to be the company to fulfill that need.




The purpose of Life in Tea is to provide our customers with an atmosphere where as we continue our daily tasks; Instead of reaching for other drinks due to its convenience, we can rely on tea to wake us up, keep us going or put us to sleep. We specialize in creating blends of tea that will not only give you the desired affects but are extremely enjoyable. We specialize in creating blends and exploring ideas that no one is willing to try. For that reason, we will always be a step ahead. We will continue to create new blends of tea while improving those that have stood the test of time.

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