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The finely ground green tea powder that produces an enormous amount of antioxidants and caffeine. Matcha tea plants are shade-grown for three weeks before being picked this is what causes the large amount energy production. Get your taste of Matcha today


Adding Flowers into TEA has become an exciting phenomenon. It has added an aromatic property to the experience along with the already very attractive health benefits and countless combinations in taste. 

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About Us

Life in TEA is a company looks to walk the path of discovering all the benefits in Tea. We specialize in  creating flavors that can be enjoyed by tea lovers and non tea lovers. The focus has always to savor new essences with the added benefit of amazing tea. Our purpose is to invent a new atmosphere where our beverages are the cornerstone to new ideas. We believe the experience a good a cup of tea can be the catalyst to innovation and creativity. We began as an idea when the owner, Cameron Thomas, realized that tea helped with anxiety.


Cameron began researching, learning about tea and creating new blends. From this, a new world of tea was being discovered. Realizing that loose leaf had numerous health benefits, Cameron turned his obsession into a healthy habit and created Life in TEA as a way to share his knowledge about whole-leaf teas. Life in TEA is about celebrating the choices we make in life. Our bodies are our temples so we must take the

time to nourish them.


Our Tea blends are personally hand picked to create a blissful flavor and aroma.

With a wide variety of tea, we are able to supply any need. Life in TEA understands that every day presents a new life challenge, which is why we provide tea especially cultivated for those moments.

Need a stimulant? Need a moment of Zen? We have a tea for every purpose. Our product is from around the world; and not only is it of the finest quality but it is also

individually packaged from us and shipped with love.


Life in TEA is where you come when Life happens!